Deborah Latham


Peter McLeish is a man alone, but not by choice.

He’s alone because it’s safer for others that way.

When Jenny Gregory encounters him, she begins to learn something others have learned before her.

That when someone is a target, it’s dangerous to get close to them.

Having reached that point in time when in terms of fiction there seems to be ‘nothing new under the sun’, and every conceivable subject has apparently already been covered by someone somewhere at some time, trying to find the different slant that you might bring to it can seem a daunting challenge.

I have been a ‘writer’ of fiction virtually ever since I could hold a pencil, but the finding of that ‘different slant’ – however marginal the difference might be – proved frustratingly elusive until one suddenly occurred to me, out of the blue, after all those years...

Front cover of ‘Peter McLeish’ by Deborah Latham.
While much crime fiction is written by female authors, I was told by my publishers that female authors of thrillers are a much rarer breed. Therefore the fact that this 'thriller' is told largely from the viewpoint of the main female character rather than the male must be rarer still. That's the 'different slant' that I conceived, and with it I knew I finally had a story to tell that was worth putting out into the wider world. Peter McLeish is the result.

So - what do you discover about yourself if you are unexpectedly and violently drawn into a situation outside of your experience in life up to that point?

How do you react when the consequence of helping someone is that you become a target by association?

Do you discard your principles, your loyalties – your friends – in the interests of self-preservation?

What do you do when you know your actions are going to put someone in danger – but you can’t bring yourself to abandon the connection between yourself and them?

All questions to which the two main protagonists in the book have to find answers; I hope you will want to know what those answers are.

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For further information about the book please take a look at this author commentary video and the selection of reader reviews that follow it.

Back cover image from ‘Peter McLeish’ by Deborah Latham

“Peter McLeish is a thriller that delves straight into the action from page one. The overall writing is excellent, with vivid descriptions during action scenes, and accessible language throughout. Dialogue is realistic and goes hand-in-hand with the characterisation. The descriptions of characters are short and snappy, so the reader is not juggling long descriptions in the midst of action. Overall the author has carefully crafted a thriller with realistic, compelling characters and a solid plot.”

Rebecca Millar
English Literature Undergraduate, Bristol University
(working with Helen Hart, Publishing Director, SilverWood Books Ltd)

“I have worked on quite a few page layouts in my time at SilverWood and seldom have I enjoyed one so much as I did Peter McLeish! I kept dipping in as I was typesetting and found myself still reading ten minutes later. Thrilling read!”

Joanna Zefron Stenlake
Publishing Assistant
SilverWood Books Ltd

“I thought it was thrilling. I really did enjoy reading it and will do so again in the not too distant future at a more leisurely pace. The story - everything about it - was great; I couldn't read it fast enough, and burnt the midnight oil a couple of times.”

Jan Payne

“It was a pleasure to read and the development of the unfolding story and the characters kept me glued from start to finish.”

Liz B

“Finished it within two days - unputdownable!”

Clare Tucker

“I read it through in three sessions - I couldn't put it down! I liked the mix of first and third person narrative, and practically speaking, the typeface and spacing was easy on my eyes and suited me well. Thank you for a super book - I really enjoyed it!”

Mary Hughes

“I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 36 hour period I spent engrossed in your novel - brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I once tried a Patricia Cornwell police crime romp and couldn't get into it at all - yours was much more gripping - and understandable!”

Jon B

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Deborah Latham