Deborah Latham


By which I mean that it’s about time I thanked a few people…

This website has been produced for me by Mark Barnwell, who is not only a web designer but, even more importantly, a skilled and popular Spanish guitarist who has released a number of CDs into the wild – you can find out more about him if you visit Please do – he really is very good at what he does!

(Oh, and my favourite Mark Barnwell track? Fiesta Latina, from his Passionata album. Check the ‘taster’ for it out here!)

May I also commend the wonderful Free Dictionary website, both dictionary and thesaurus, which has been and will, I trust, continue to be such an invaluable resource to me as a writer.

The photographs on this site are by Fun’n’Fotos, Taunton (Facebook page here) – thank you, Nia and Helen.

Thanks also to Lionel Ward of Brendon Books, Taunton’s only independent bookshop, for the help in getting Peter McLeish ‘out there’.

And, very importantly, thanks to SilverWood Books – particularly Helen Hart, Publishing Director, and Jo Zefron-Stenlake, Publishing Assistant – for their infinite patience and invaluable support throughout the production of Peter McLeish.

Deborah Latham